Compressed Air Energy Audit

Have your compressed air installation surveyed and an energy audit carried out to EN 50160.

Are you faced with any of the following questions or issues:

1. Load surveys for expansion?

2. Savings on electricity costs?

3. Electrical equipment not functioning properly?

Day to day more people are asking these questions, with the cost of electricity rising and the pressure to save energy.

Load Survey

We will undertake a load survey with the latest data loggers – we can record from 1 hour to 300 days.

Load survey of energy consumption using data loggers & software analysis.Once set up the data logger will record all data for the given period. This information is then downloaded to our pc and using the data gathered we are able to see all critical information on your energy consumption.

Using the load profile generated and the cost of your electricity we can see the cost of your compressed air system over the year and decide where savings can be made.

Using the data that has been gathered and information plotted through our electrosoft software you should be able to see critical information on your energy consumption.

Included in the report is minimum and maximum demand, average demand and daily and weekly graphs and cost of electricity consumed

You can then decide how best to rectify any loading issues and we are on hand to give you our recommendations and advice.

Data Logging Example Readout